The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how businesses operate in the short-term with most professionals potentially working from home in the long-term. Here, tech entrepreneur Dave Antrobus explores the top 5 reasons why returning to an office after COVID-19 is important. As the Technical Director of the capital investment organisation Fresh Thinking Group and digital collective Inc & Co, Dave Antrobus offers first-hand experience in the benefits of having an office space.

Working remotely means you are unable to gain the nuances of office collaboration, from overhearing conversations that may improve your company or client knowledge to missing key information said…

Business leaders who have experienced any kind of work crisis will know how hard it can be to stay motivated during tough times. Not only do you have to motivate yourself, but you also have to motivate a whole team — or maybe multiple teams — to work towards a resolution. Dave Antrobus knows that sustaining this kind of motivation can be draining, to say the least. If you run a business, you’ll almost certainly have to endure a crisis or two (or three or four), even when you’re well-established in your market. However, the good news is that once…

Dave Antrobus highlights the benefits of remote working in the software development industry and explains how to avoid the drawbacks that fuel employer concerns.

Over the last few months, companies around the world have adapted their working processes to accommodate the COVID-19 lockdown, but these changes won’t be as temporary as once expected. Instead, our new ways of working are reshaping the corporate world and re-defining office norms as we transition into post-lockdown work.

One of the biggest office changes is the rise of remote working. The proven benefits of remote working had led many companies to encourage working from…

Dave Antrobus is the technology director and co-founder of Fresh Thinking Group (FTG), an independent capital investment organisation that reforms distressed companies, nurtures start-ups, and develops growth strategies for healthy businesses. As the company lead for all things tech, Dave is renowned for the software solutions that he has cultivated for a wealth of FTG’s acquisitions. He is a seasoned Technology Director and project manager who employs a consultancy-led approach, advising teams on how to streamline their technological systems.

As both mentor and manager, Dave advises teams on all areas of technology and curates environments that enable developers to enhance…

Dave Antrobus is an award-winning technology specialist who has developed major software projects for brands such as Matalan, SimplyBe, and Google.

Since completing his Computer Science degree in 2008, Dave has developed numerous e-commerce websites for key UK clients, including Harvey Nichols, Coast, Karen Millen, Oasis, and the Rangers FC Store.

He has also provided digital strategy consulting for large businesses, such as EDF Energy. Both a software developer and project manager, Dave’s technological systems and consultancy-led approach have enabled teams throughout the UK to improve collaborative strategies and maximise business growth.

In 2018, Dave co-founded the independent capital investment organisation Fresh Thinking Group, which supports three types of businesses: companies looking to grow, distressed firms, and start-ups. Dave and his…

Dave Antrobus

Technology Director at Fresh Thinking Group and entrepreneur with a focus on User Experience, new-age media, and web marketing.

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